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Covenant Life Church, Midrand

: Craig Clark

Telephone Number: 011 468 1950
Fax: 011 468 1953

Address: 64 Main Rd (c/o Maud), Crowthorne, Midrand

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On the 16th October 1994, Covenant Life Church was planted. Our first meeting was exciting! All 150 people squashed into a tiny old Scouts hall. Right from that humble beginning it was clear that God had great promise, purpose and inheritance for the church!


Our Affiliation

The Covenant Life Church is affiliated to  New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI)  and as such we relate to them and fall under their guidance and general leadership. However, the church pastors and leaders run the church with a freedom to follow God in His leading.


We have a vibrant youth programme where young people of all ages can find a place where they belong, build relationships, enjoy fellowship, and discover the awesome plans God has for their lives!


Sunday School

God makes em, we train em. Our aim is to provide an environment where our children will be presented with Biblical leadership training and opportunities at their level. How? Together with the Eldership at CLC, and using the leadership training material available through NCMI, a team of leaders work together to produce material for LiteZone. The idea is to remain as Organic as possible in LiteZone.


CLC is involved in numerous outreach and mission programmes. Food for life was established in 2004 with the hope to help alleviate poverty and starvation in Malawi. he aim of the project is to come alongside the churches in Malawi, assisting them in meeting the needs of the people.


Craig Clark, in conjunction with the NCMI team, has begun to work into South America. Doors have opened up in Brazil and recently have started to crack open in Venezuela. Brazil has crept into our hearts and many have gone to be a blessing to the nation, poured out their prayers and sowed finances.


Support our Ministry

If you would like to support our ministry, we would love to hear from you.

Call us at the office on 011 468 1950 for a chat.


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