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Victory Life Evangilical Temple, East London  083 459 2890   Minister: Anthony Amankwah


Beverly Hills Assembly of God, PE, Eastern Cape, 041 4571169  Minister: Peter Solomon

Cathedral Anglican, Grahamstown 046 6222445 Minister: Revd Hazel Goodfellow

Christ Church Anglican, Grahamstown 046 6224006 Minister: Revd Richard Goodfellow

Commemoration Methodist Church, Grahamstown 046 6222802 Minister: Revd Terry Mitchell

Frontiers Church International, Grahamstown, E Cape, 046 6367815  Minister: Dave Koch

General Faith Assembly Church In Zion, Mthatha, Eastern Cape, 073 310 7591 Bishop Ivan Mphuthumi Siyila

Grahamstown Baptist Church, Grahamstown 046 6228022 Minister: Pastor Dirk Coetzee

Grahamstown Full Gospel, Grahamstown, 046 6225949 Minister: Justin Hall

Grahamstown NG Kerk, Grahamstown, 046 6224598 Minister: Ds Strauss de Jager

House of Prayer Apostolic Faith Mission of SA, P. E. 0736744070 Minister: Mr Michael Zideba

Independent Methodist Church Of Africa, Port Elizabeth 073 3786460 Rev E N Tiya

Independent Methodist Church Of Africa, Alice 073 2564722  President Dr Rev M P Jwambi

Independent Methodist Church Of Africa, East London, 073 5181860, Rev M C Sibhengile

Independent Methodist Church Of Africa, Port Elizabeth, 041 4850512, Rev Ayanda U Jacobs

King William's Town Assemblies of God, E. Cape, 0436422909, Minister: Julian Winnaar

New Evangelical Christian Church, King William's Town, 073 7384140, Minister: S. G. Skade

Rhodes Chapel Catholic Church, Grahamstown, 073 2030120 Minister: Fr. Lawrence Camala

Rohi Assembly of God, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, 074 7990934  Minister: Rubin Prince

Shaw Memorial Methodist Church, Grahamstown 046 6227210 Minister: Revd Zam Tena

Sole Memorial Methodist Church, Grahamstown 046 6226071 Minister: Revd Terry Mitchell

St Bartholomew's Anglican Church, Grahamstown 046 6222786 Minister: Revd Gordon Baur

St Clement's Anglican Church, Grahamstown 046 6226099 Minister: Revd Godfrey Walton

St Johns Apostolic Faith Mission-Sada Circuit, Whittlesea 040 8421324Minister: Rev. T.Henge

St.John's Apostolic Faith Mission in Africa, Grahamstown. 079 7128632 Minister: N. Smaile

St Mary's Catholic Church, Grahamstown, 083 3425281 Minister: Revd. Fr. Telford Bray

St Patrick's Catholic Church, Grahamstown 083 3425281 Minister: Revd. Fr. Telford Bray

St Paul's Anglican Church, Port Alfred,  046 624 1236   Minister: Robin Murray

The united Methodist Church of Southern Africa, East London, 043-7229223, Mandisi M. Kula
Uitenhage Methodist Church, Uitenhage, 041 9661409 Minister: Rev Bill Thompson
United Methodist Church In Southern Africa, Butterworth, 073 174 9962 Minister: Rev. Sithantsala Anderson Tyhali
United Methodist Church Of Southern Africa, East London, 072 3757833, Minister: M. R Magojo

Water of Life Assembly of God, Queenstown, 045 839 6304

Wesley Chapel Methodist Church, Grahamstown, 046 6224539 Minister: Mr Terry Butterworth

Westering Full Gospel Church, Port Elizabeth,  082 4138739 Ministers: Mac Hayward
Word of Faith Christian Centre, Port Elizabeth, 041 3994400 Minister: Jimmy Crompton







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