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Adobe Courses in South Africa


2KO South Africa presents full time and online Adobe courses in Cape Town, South Africa. Students are able to join our instructor-led training courses or sign up for our online Adobe courses. In addition, 2KO South Africa offers online computer courses to international and local students. 2KO delivers cutting-edge IT products in the consulting and business services space, as well as offering top-rated training for various IT vendors. Our internationally recognised courses can be offered either as hands-on full time classes, or as online learning, to ensure students have access to the best Adobe training in South Africa.


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We offer the following Adobe courses in Cape Town as Instructor Led Training.

Adobe After Effects Beginners

Adobe After Effects Intermediate

Adobe After Effects Advanced

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Beginners

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Advanced

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Beginners

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Beginners

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Advanced

Adobe Flash CS5 Beginners

Adobe Flash CS5 Advanced

Adobe Flash CS6 Beginners

Adobe Flash CS6 Advanced

Graphic Design Beginners

Graphic Design Advanced

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Beginner

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Advanced

Adobe Illustrator CS5 Beginner

Adobe Illustrator CS5 Advanced

Adobe InDesign CS5 Beginner

Adobe InDesign CS5 Advanced

Adobe InDesign CS6 Beginner

Adobe InDesign CS6 Intermediate

Adobe InDesign CS6 Advanced

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Beginner

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Intermediate

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Advanced

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Advanced

Adobe Premiere Pro

Web Design


We offer the following Adobe courses as Online Learning.

Illustrator CC 2017

Premiere Pro CC 2017


Frequently Asked Questions
Where do you train for the course?

We train the course in:
2KO Africa, Cape Town
2KO Angola, Luanda
2KO Botswana, Gaborone
2KO Cameroon, Yaounde
2KO Ghana, Accra
2KO Kenya, Nairobi
2KO Malawi, Lilongwe

2KO Mauritius, Port Louis
2KO Mozambique, Maputo

2KO Namibia, Windhoek
2KO Nigeria, Lagos and Abuja
2KO Rwanda, Kigali
2KO Senegal, Dakar
2KO Tanzania, Dar es Salaam
2KO Uganda, Kampala
2KO Zambia, Lusaka
2KO Zimbabwe, Harare
2KO International - we will train anywhere in any country for a group. Enquire here

What books do I get with this course?
You will receive a course text book which you can take away with you to keep after the course.

How long will it take me to get certified?
We recommend that students take at least one to two weeks for exam preparation for every module they do. It is unusual for students to be able to take the exam in the same week they do the course.

Does the price include the official exam?
No, the exam is not included in the price. Exam prices vary from centre to centre. All 2KO Africa training centres are International test centres as well. The exam is a multiple test, on computer at an authorized testy centre. The results are made known immediately. If you fail the test, you must book it again at a future date and will pay again.