Microsoft Excel 2010 Beginners Class

Microsoft Excel 2010 Beginners Courses in Cape Town


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Using Microsoft Excel to produce spreadsheets

Unit Standards
116937 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based spreadsheet application to create and edit spreadsheets (4 Credits) Level 2

Prior knowledge and skills to:
Read, write, communicate and comprehend at least at GET level.
Operate a personal computer system.
Use generic functions in a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-environment. (PC's and Windows Essentials)


Spreadsheet Principles
What is a Spreadsheet?
Why use a spreadsheet application?
What are the names of some spreadsheet programmes?

Starting with Spreadsheets
Starting the programme
Understanding the Screen
The Mouse Pointer
Using the keyboard to move around the screen
Entering data on a spreadsheet
Editing data on a spreadsheet
Entering data using the automatic fill

Working with File commands
Saving a workbook
Closing a workbook
Opening an existing workbook
Starting a new blank workbook
Saving changes to a workbook
Saving a workbook with a Different Name
Saving an Excel file in a different file format
Deleting an Excel workbook file
Exit the spreadsheet programme

Formatting Spreadsheets
Selecting cells for changes
Formatting Columns
Formatting Rows
The Alignment command group
The Number command group
The Font command group
Setting Borders
Using Format Painter

Producing Spreadsheets with formulas
Entering Formulas
Filling Formulas
Using Functions
Checking your work

Editing Spreadsheets
Using the Cells command group
Using the Clipboard command group

More features
Check your spelling
Auto Correct
Finding and replacing text
Getting Help

Printing a Spreadsheet
Previewing the spreadsheet
Page setup
Printing a worksheet
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