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Premiere Pro Courses in Cape Town

2KO International does not currently schedule the Adobe Premiere Pro Course in Cape Town currently. Please feel free to enquire about this course though as we will try our best to launch this course as soon as there is a demand. 2KO presents Adobe courses in Cape Town by means of full time instructor-led training; as well as internet-accessible online training , which are aimed at International IT Certification exams. 2KO Africa is a professional training company, delivering cutting edge programs in the IT space and in selected business applications. Our training is offered online, live online and also by instructor led classes. 2KO Africa's business courses are available world-wide, many of them leading to European Certification, enabling 2KO customers the opportunity to study courses online world-wide, to ensure students have access to the best training possible.


NOTE:  This course is not currently available as an instructor led class

Introduction Course
This Adobe course in Cape Town is run over two days and will give students a comprehensive grounding in Adobe Premiere and provide the skills to bring your ideas to fruition. If you would like to enhance your skills in Adobe Premiere and would like to begin with the basics, this is the course designed for you.

2 days full time

Adobe Premiere Pro is a real-time, timeline based proprietary video editing software application. It is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, a suite of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications developed by Adobe Systems, though it can also be purchased separately. When purchased separately, it comes bundled with Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Encore, and Adobe OnLocation. Premiere Pro supports many video editing cards and plug-ins for accelerated processing, additional file format support, and video/audio effects. Starting with the version in Creative Suite 5 (), it is a native 64-bit application for Mac and Windows, making it one of the few cross-platform non-linear editing systems (NLEs) available.


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