Microsoft Access 2016 for Beginners

Microsoft Access 2016 Beginners Courses in Cape Town



2KO offers this 2016 course in 3 levels.


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Unit Standards
258875 - Design forms and reports using a Graphic User Interface (GUI) based database (Level 4) Credits 4 258881 - Design complex tables and queries using a graphical user interface (GUI) based database to solve a given problem (Level 4) Credits 5

Prior knowledge and skills to:
Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 3.
Communication at NQF Level 3.
Knowledge of GUI based database application.



1 Day


Course Content


What is a Database?

Relational Databases

Definitions of Terms used

Planning a Database

Identify Reasons to Build a Relational Database


Overview of Access

Starting & Exiting Access

Access Screen Layout & Toolbars

Accessing Help


Creating A New Database

Creating a Table

Customising Data Entry

Data Types and Formats

Setting Primary Keys

Setting Field Properties

Add/Edit Fields

Saving Tables

Entering /Editing/Deleting Data

Understand Different Types of Relationships

Set Relationships between Tables


Creating Forms


Form Wizard

Columnar Form

Tabular Form

Entering Data in a Form

Modifying a Form

Create a Sub Form



Creating a Query

Sort Fields in a Query

Setting up Criteria

Used Expressions within the Query

Multi Table Queries

Concatenation and Calculation

Parameter Queries

Change Query Join Types



Create Reports